• FC #1 – Gender

    "FC" means "founding concept".

    Linal is a language that does not emphasize on one gender or the other. The neutral gender exists.

    Any noun referring to a living being is subject to being neutral, feminine or masculine. Words like "table" or "house" need no suffix to tell they are neutral.


    If the radical "nem-" refers to a human being:

    - neme = person
    - nemwe = man
    - nemje = woman
    - nemite = child
    - nemitwe = child boy
    - nemitje = child girl

    Same with a dog (doge/dogwe/dogje), a parent/father/mother (parente/parentwe/parentje) or an alien.

    Likewise, 3rd person personal pronouns include a neutral pronoun: le, lwe, lje.

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