• FC #4 - number and groupings

    Only nouns and personal pronouns vary in gender and number. Verbs and adjectives are invariable, just like all other families of words.

    In order to know if an adjective or complement relates to one or more nouns, linal uses the following symbols, eci and ice, that resolve all ambiguity in many cases:

    < >

    Example #1

    In English, in “wild geese and ducks”, you cannot know whether only the geese are wild or if the ducks are as well.

    Linal resolves this as follows:

    <ducks and geese> i wild
    ducks and <geese i wild>


    Example #2

    I repainted the kitchen and the bedroom in blue

    I repainted o <the kitchen and the bedroom> in blue.

    I repainted o the kitchen and <the bedroom in blue>.
    or even:
    I repainted o <the kitchen and <the bedroom in blue>>.



    In oral speech, the presence of eci/ice can be translated by voice intonation, a short pause, etc., to let your audience know which terms are grouped.

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